3rd Act Ventures LLC was formed by Caribou Honig in 2017 to support his professional “3rd Act” having previously spent a decade as an executive at Capital One followed by a decade as cofounder of a boutique venture capital firm, QED Investors.

3rd Act’s remit is broad and spans from thought-leadership to incubating harebrained business concepts.

The hallmarks of technology-driven change are three things: a reduction in friction, an increase in transparency and lower costs.

What I find so interesting is that we’re at an inflection point for insurance.
The consumer-facing tech-stack is ripe to be refactored with the smartphone. The enterprise-facing tech-stack is ripe to be refactored with the cloud.

Technology is very much enabling a data revolution. The benefit lies less in the volume of data and more in the novel types of data becoming available.


Caribou Honig is cofounder of QED Investors, a boutique venture capital firm focused on data-driven companies. During his tenure the firm distinguished itself by drawing the experience of the team as former operators with deep functional expertise. Investments covered an array of marketing, analytics, FinTech, and InsurTech startups.

While evaluating the InsurTech landscape in 2015, Caribou came to realize there was no opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation executives in the industry to convene…so he decided to create one.

Caribou is cofounder of InsureTech Connect (ITC), the largest event of its type in the world. In his role as Chairman of ITC, Caribou steers the agenda, sets the tone with his opening keynote and provides guidance on the overall strategy for the event.

Building on the success of ITC, Caribou also cofounded HR Transform. This event focuses on the impact of technology on the workplace. Bringing together Human Resource practitioners, startups, and investors, HR Transform examines the implications of technology for companies and the HR function.

From 1996 to 2006, Caribou began his career as an executive at Capital One. He developed a passion for data-driven marketing during this time, along with building expertise in credit risk and analytics. Responsibilities included leadership of business-critical digital transformation initiatives and management of a 200 person underwriting operation.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Philosophy from Harvard University, a JD from the University of Virginia School of Law, and an MBA from Darden. With an eye towards giving back to the institution, he is a member of the Corporate Advisory Board for Darden.

Caribou and his wife life in Richmond, Virginia with their two children and two occasionally annoying dogs.


Thought leadership has been important throughout Caribou’s career. In addition to occasional public speaking roles and publication of thought-pieces, he has been featured in a number of interviews and podcasts, select links below.

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